McClub 7

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 5M do an amazing performance of "reach" by s club 7 in assembly  

4th & 5th form play

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The 4th and 5th form are putting on a play in the summer wich is being directed and re-writen by Timmy Lawson-Tancred. The play is Matilda

1st and U11A play at Kingston Park

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1st and U11A play on a pitch good enough for pro's. 1st take on a former Randomer Cosmo Adair ! What will happen! 

The New Website

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The new website site is up and looking good!!!!!!

 You Found Me! E-Mail The Team To Claim Your R-Bucks!

Apple iphones know were you live and go!!!!!!

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  • Hidden in Apple phones is a function which registers every journey you take
  • iPhones are able to shearch the data and work out where you live 
  • Apple claims the data never leaves your phone without your permission 
  • Professor Noel Sharkey (one of Britain’s leading computing experts) said Apple’s ability to track people is 'terrifying

  • Iphones can tracking your every move – recording the exact time you left were you have been, where you bought some thing and where you like to shop. It records the date and time when you leave for a jouney and when arive. The address you go to and how many times you go to that address is recorded. This was introduced a year ago, but to get to access to it you need go through five settings menus, so few people know it exists. Professor Noel Sharkey (one of Britain’s leading computing experts) said Apple’s ability to track people is 'terrifying. Every place you go, where you shop, where you have a drink – it is all recorded. But what horrifies me is that it is so secret. Why did we not know about this?'. Apple says that the information never leaves the iphone without your permission. They also say it is to improve the maping system.

  • By Henry Boyle

    Royal Baby Number 2!

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    Kate and William are expecting another baby. Boy or girl?

    Summers not over yet!!!!!!!!

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    Summer doesn't end untill the 26th october, so make the most of it.

    Kids treated like prisoners for wearing THE WRONG TROUSERS!

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    Pupils as young 11 were put in isolation for two days because of wearing some SLIGHTLY different uniform!there parents were outraged at this.I think i can think of another school...      

    (not aysgarth)

    Having an angry face actually helps you in life!

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    Flared nostrils, jutting chin and lowered eyebrows all lead to an angry face. Researches say that an angry face may have meant better physical strength and could make opponents back down!


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    The Ukrainian President has stood down! Where is he? Comment for where you think he is! Over 
    The new president Viktor Yanukovych vowing to be a better leader than the last one.

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