Tom jowitt
The head editor of the randomer magazine.He loves to shoot,game,read and sail.
He is the next generation after the previous editor timmy lawson tancred left.

Archie Duckworth
Duckers Loves Working On The Mag. He Collects Blue-Peter Badges And 
He Has Two! He Enjoys Blackjack And Roulette.

Alex Bowman
Alex is the Geek and Photographer of The Randomer who manages the
website and competitions. He has his PADI and is a D.T scholar. He likes

Chris Totty
Chris Or Animal is Always Keen To Help. He Enjoys Bullying Davies
And Playing Rugby. He Is A German Spotlight Specialist.

Henry Wilkinson
Henry Is Head Of Sport And Loves Playing It. He Is Fly-Half For The Firsts And 
Also Is Grade 4 On The Flute. He Likes Steaks.

Freddie Hopkins
Freddie Is A D.T. Scholar. He Loves Cartooning And Likes His Dogs
And Chickens. His Brother Hates Him!

Simon Botros
Simon Is Also a Cartoonist. He Loves Wagamumas And Hollister.
In His Free-time He Likes To Listen to Music.

Ivan Burnell
Ivan Loves Football And supports Newcastle. Personally He Hates Alan
Pardew! He Enjoys Annoying Archie senior

Robert Davies
Robert Likes T'astro And Bullying Chris. He supports Leeds
And Loves FIFA.